What to Expect from Top Echelon’s Private Investigators in New Orleans

What to Expect from Top Echelon’s Private Investigators in New Orleans

We will first start off by discussing our cheating spouse investigations. Top Echelon Investigation, LLC has full knowledge of the indicators or signs that reveal if you have a cheating spouse. Our professional and experienced private investigators in New Orleans, LA will analyze abrupt changes in the behavior of your loved one, such as when there is evidence of:

  • An interest in exercise and weight loss opposed to their normal sedentary lifestyle routine
  • A sudden or unexpected increase in work hours
  • Purchasing stylish clothing or undergarments, such as sexy lingerie or speedo styled briefs
  • Answering cell phone calls in a private place or room so as not to be overheard
  • Expensive credit card purchases of items that were never previously bought.

Discreet Investigative Services for Attorneys and Insurance Companies in New Orleans

The high unemployment rate in this country has compelled numerous people to submit fraudulent insurance claims to obtain money to live. Top Echelon Investigation, LLC provides private detectives in New Orleans, Louisiana to perform observation or stakeouts, through the use of innovative surveillance technology and a variety of other effective techniques, to assemble information pertaining to the daily routine of any subject.

We also can conduct background checks to reveal the history and behavioral patterns of any subject. Supplementary insurance services include auto accident investigations, civil investigations, and witness statements to name a few.

Attorneys and law firms recognize the effectiveness of our investigative services to assist them in the preparation for litigation. We exhibit exceptional skills that relate to the discovery of new evidence and searching previously collected evidence to garner significant fact to help your case. Our services include the completion of any required documentation, as well as any paperwork involved in securing and organizing witness statements.

Take a moment to browse through our individual service pages on our website by hovering over Services in the menu and selecting an option. Call us at (337) 290 – 1298 to speak to one of our New Orleans private investigators, if you have any questions. Feel free to fill out our contact form below as well with any questions.

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