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Personal Injury, Tort Claims & Maritime Injury Investigations in Louisiana

Since 2008, our private investigators in Louisiana have helped countless clients investigate personal injury, tort and workers’ compensation claims in Louisiana.

If you are facing a personal injury suit or need to look into the validity of any other type of tort claim, our licensed private investigators in Louisiana are experienced in getting information and evidence fast! Top Echelon Investigation, LLC can provide you with the intelligence you need to investigate any tort claim.

According to the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud, it is estimated that $80 BILLION DOLLARS in fraudulent insurance claims are filed each year in the United States. In the state of Louisiana, fraudulent insurance claims are also increasing at an alarming rate. In the case if workers’ compensation fraud, some individuals attempt to cash in on accidents that resulted from carelessness or neglect of the safety rules. Others claimants may get hurt while at work and later decide to exaggerating their injuries. 

Top Echelon investigates personal injury & tort claims thoroughly. We obtains video documentation of all observed activity using the latest in HD Video surveillance technology.In addition to our specialized surveillance equipment, we also utilize a secure system to send clients real-time information on the status of their investigation.

All of our private investigators are licensed through the Louisiana State Board of PI Examiners and are trained to handle any type of situation that my arise while conducting an investigation. Our client’s confidentiality is kept at all times.