Child Custody Investigations


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Child Custody Investigations in Louisiana

Foreword from the President of Top Echelon Investigation, LLC:

As a father, I regard my children as the most precious things in my life. Myself and my staff at Top Echelon Investigation, LLC take every child’s well-being and safety very seriously. It is our duty as parents to protect our children from harm and ensure that they are growing up in a stable & positive environment.

Sometimes difficult situations arise, where parents split up and a custody battle ensues. After divorce, the court may make a preliminary decision in awarding custody to a certain parent, who wrongly portrayed an unfavorable picture of the other. These types of  situations can be hard on both the child and non-custodial parent; especially if the child is being abused, neglected, manipulated or exploited by the custodial parent.  These types of situations can lead to dire consequences for the child, leading to personal and relationship issues for the child later in life.

According to Dr. Ann S. Botash, renowned expert in child abuse studies, parental alcoholism, drug abuse, mental illness and single parenting are the leading causes of child neglect and endangerment. On several occasions during surveillance, I have documented parents drinking alcohol while behind the wheel and with their children riding in the vehicle. Gladly, none of these instances resulted int traffic accidents or injuries. But, that doesn’t mean that it won’t end fatally the next time…. And there will be a next time if nothing is done to stop it.

During my career as a private investigator, I have conducted many child custody investigations in Louisiana and provided clients with the evidence they needed to fight for and win custody of their children. It brings myself and my investigators great joy in assisting our clients and children get a chance for a better, safer life.

If you are concerned about your child’s well-being, I welcome you to contact me directly to discuss your situation.


Jonathan A. Stelly


Top Echelon Investigation, LLC

How we conduct Child Custody Investigations:

Top Echelon’s Louisiana private investigators conduct covert surveillance of the suspected abusive parent’s activities both with and without the child present. 

Sometimes, there may be detrimental activities happening in a child’s home that cannot be seen by the public. These children usually turn to a trusted adult, such as a teacher or friend for comfort. After the surveillance work is done, our investigators are able to interview and take recorded statements from witnesses who regularly interact with the child.

Our investigators take HD video documentation of all activity and report back to our client, or their attorney, with the findings of our investigation. After the investigation has concluded, the client is presented with a full report of our findings, along with any evidence we may have collected during the child custody surveillance.

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