GPS Vehicle Tracking & Monitoring


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Are your employees wasting company time while running the roads in the company vehicle? Or are they using their company vehicle for personal use on the weekends?

Is your husband really going fishing with the guys? Or is he going out of town with a female companion without telling you? Does he have a drug or gambling problem you don’t know about?

When your teen borrows your car, do they drive carefully? Does he/she obey the speed limit? Does he/she stop at all stop signs?

Do you want answers to any of these questions?

Top Echelon Investigation, LLC GPS Vehicle Tracking may be the answer to your concerns.

GPS vehicle tracking has been around for years, but not until recently has GPS technology been accurate enough to give precise, real-time location information. Also, the size of the GPS tracking units has gotten smaller. No more bulky tracking devices with a battery pack the size and weight of a brick.

Top Echelon offers our clients law enforcement grade GPS units with the accuracy of within one yard.* Our tracking units are the same used by police and intelligence agencies across the US and are the smallest on the market, about the size of a small match box. The rental of our GPS units include 24 hour vehicle monitoring with live text or email notifications.** All GPS data we collect is stored in our database and can be retrieved at any time at our client’s request.

If you are going through a divorce and your spouse is in the company of another, the GPS data we can collect, along with our surveillance services, gives you a very strong case in court. Because the courts usually disregard the data collected personally by either party, using an unbiased third party is essential. The GPS data gathered by Top Echelon Investigation has proven to be invaluable to our clients.

*No technology is perfect, accuracy depends on factors including, placement of tracking unit, location, terrestrial weather and solar activity.
**Due to privacy laws, Top Echelon Investigation, LLC does not give out real-time location information unless in the event of an emergency.