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Data Recovery & Cyber Forensics

data recovery lockWith over 90% of the world’s business documents being drafted on computers and the relentless use of e-mail and instant messaging, much of today’s civil litigation evidence can be derived from extracting and examining computer data.

Top Echelon Investigation has licensed private investigators who specialize in computer forensics and data recovery.

TEI investigators can locate and recover any relevant information that may exist on a computer or storage device. Top Echelon forensic investigators can recover items such as deleted e-mails, cleared browser history, deleted documents, uninstalled software, etc…

Because of the extreme challenges a forensic detective has to overcome when recovering deleted data, these types of investigations have historically been only only available to well trained and funded law enforcement and government agencies. Top Echelon Investigation offers now offers this unique service to the general public. In the event that you have damaged, forgot your pass-code, or need to unlock your spouse’s phone because you suspect infidelity, our CERTIFIED FORENSIC INVESTIGATORS at Top Echelon Investigation can help.

Using proprietary techniques, we can unlock and extract data from your smartphone such as:

  • Pictures

  • Videos

  • Call Log

  • Text Messages

  • Contact List

  • Historical GPS Location

  • Deleted Data

  • Emails

  • App Log