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How can our Louisiana Private Investigators assist with your Child Custody Investigation?

Are you involved in a custody battle? Do you need a Child Custody Investigation? 

Child Custody Investigation

Top Echelon’s Louisiana private investigators conduct child custody investigations using covert surveillance tactics to monitor the activities of the suspected unfit parent, both with and without the child present. 

Sometimes, there may be detrimental activities happening in a child’s home that cannot be seen by the public. These children usually turn to a trusted adult, such as a teacher or friend for comfort. After the surveillance work is done, our investigators are able to interview and take recorded statements from witnesses who regularly interact with the child.

During our child custody investigations, our investigators document activity and report back to our client, or their attorney, with our findings After the investigation has concluded, the client is presented with a full report , along with any evidence we may have collected during the child custody surveillance.

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