Louisiana Private Investigator

How a Louisiana Private Investigator Can Add Extra Value to Your Law Firm

First Steps that should be taken before hiring any Louisiana Private Investigator:

  • License Verification & Reviews

  • I. Litigation Preparation

  • II. Witness Preparation and Investigation

  • III. Evidence Processing

  • IV. Legal Research

  • V. Covert Surveillance

  • VI. Postliminary Investigations

I.) License Verification & Reviews

          • Ask to see their current Private Investigator Agency License(s). (Renewed Annually)

          • Verify proof of E/O insurance or request that your firm be added to their insurance policy.

II.) Litigation Preparation

Private Investigator Agency:

  • Skilled at locating information quickly and efficiently.

  • Quality Information Presentation

  • Efficient Investigations

  • A Private Investigator’s responsibility is to fully investigate claims and locate background information

  • Exclusive access to info and resources

  • Brings Real World Experience

  • Must follow strict ethical standards and privacy laws

Law Firm:

  • Skilled at locating existing laws to build case

  • Has limited time and assets to conduct a full investigation

  • Must follow strict ethical standards

Where Private Investigators Enter

  • Private Investigators in Lafayette LA can assist Law Firms as couriers and help prepare exhibits for trial, such as: map renderings, jury instructions, drawings, photographs and other media.

  • Process photo and video evidence in a presentable manner.

  • Consolidate all info in chronological form and process it into an easy-to-read format.

  • Prepare written investigative reports and take witness testimony as required.

  • Arrange a witness list with all known contact information and their relevance in the case.

  • Assist with case management

  • Process information found pursuant to subpoena Duces Tecum or court order.

  • Obtain signed information release forms from witnesses.

  • Locate hard-to-find information.

III.) Witness Preparation and Investigation

  • Private Investigators in Lafayette LA can identify and locate witnesses.
  • Conduct recorded interviews and take statements.
  • Is trained to recognize deceit.
  • Conduct background checks on witnesses in order to evaluate credibility.
  • Processes and reviews all information and statements obtained for additional witnesses.
  • Locate hard-to-find witnesses.
  • Serve subpoenas and other legal documents.
  • Is skilled in skip-tracing.
  • Transports witnesses and experts to depositions if needed.

IV.) Evidence Processing

  • Private Detectives in Lafayette LA collect and document all evidence.
  • Secures evidence and transport to court while adhering to proper chain-of-custody laws.
  • Can enlarge photographs if needed.
  • Review all evidence and consult with relevant experts.
  • Provide detailed report on evidence.
  • If legally allowed, review physical evidence held by law enforcement or DA’s office.

V.) Legal Research

  • Private Investigators are trained to locate and review court records.
  • Search for criminal and civil filings.
  • Obtain copies of all relevant files needed for the case.
  • Has exclusive access to online information databases.
  • Research all case-specific topics.
  • With written release, legally obtain records for use by law firm, including but not limited to; Medical Records, Criminal Records, Incarceration History, Employment Records, Military Records, School Records, Business Records, etc.

VI.) Covert Surveillance

  • A PI in Lafayette LA can perform Tort Claim surveillance.
  • Workers Comp surveillance.
  • Soft Tissue Injury surveillance.
  • Skilled in the art of not being noticed.
  • Has equipment specifically configured and designed to be hidden.
  • Has High Quality video Equipment.
  • Skilled in the art of pretext.

VII.) Postliminary Investigations

  • Private Investigators in Lafayette LA can locate and interview jurors.
  • Investigate any claim of jury misconduct or deceit.
  • Conduct post-trial evidence based on any new information found.
  • Obtain new factual evidence.

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