Brief Overview of What Top Echelon Investigation, LLC Can Provide As a Licensed Private Investigator in Lake Charles, LA

It’s critical that you know what not to look for when choosing a private investigator in Lake Charles, LA. Since private investigators employ many individuals to complete assignments, it is essential that everyone working on your case has a current private investigator license. Also, it does not hurt to be able to review references from past clients that illustrate results were realized, which should not be an issue for a licensed, seasoned, private detective in Lake Charles, LA to produce. And it is never a bad idea to look into the backgrounds and competence of the other participants that will be involved in your case, because a lot of times private investigators sub-contract particular tasks to other investigators.

There is no substitute for a professional, licensed private investigator in Lake Charles, LA. Like the expression goes, “You get what you pay for.” By hiring Top Echelon Investigation, LLC, a full-service private investigation agency, you can be assured that we will produce the results and achieve your investigative goals.

Private Investigator in Lake Charles, LATop Echelon Investigation, LLC not only services insurance companies and attorneys, we also serve the public. Our skilled investigators in Lake Charles, LA all bring something special to the table and use only the most up-to-date technology and investigative practices. We can carry out typical domestic investigations such as cheating spouse and child custody investigations on up to more elaborate investigations such as insurance fraud, workers’ compensation fraud, and so on. In fact, below is a list of what we offer. Keep in mind though that our services are not limited to this list as we can also perform special investigations to meet your unique needs.

Your Insurance and Personal Injury Claims Investigator in Lake Charles, LA

With the economy taking its toll on people, we now live in an age where fraudulent insurance claims are on the rise as people resort to more desperate measures to meet their ends. By tracking a subject’s day-to-day activities through using modern surveillance techniques, Top Echelon Investigation, LLC’s private investigators in Lake Charles, LA can fill in any gaps. Also, through conducting comprehensive background checks on individuals that the “Instant Background Check” websites can’t provide, we can really look deep into a subject’s personal history, and even learn more about the behavior that governs their decision-making patterns. Here is a brief list of some routine insurance investigations we conduct:

  • Locate Witnesses, Claimants and Insured
  • Civil Investigations
  • Court File Retrievals and Workman’s Compensation Claim Files
  • Auto Accidents
  • Dog Bites
  • Asset Investigations
  • Witness Statements

Background Checks/Investigations in Lake Charles, LA

I’m sure you’ve come across the network of websites out there that offer background checks that have those unusually low, tempting price tags. While the price may seem right, these websites merely scrape the Internet for information that just about anyone can find.

The difference with Top Echelon Investigation, LLC is that since we are licensed private investigators in Lake Charles, LA, we can access an innumerable amout of information through private databases not available to the public. By searching through legal records and reliable sources, we can put together a profile of a subject which will then point us toward yet even more clues. At this point, there is no limit to the amount of information we can garner on a subject as we look into their civil and criminal records.

Your Cheating Spouse Investigator in Lake Charles, LA

By hiring Top Echelon Investigation, LLC as your private detective in Lake Charles, LA, we will join forces with your attorney to uncover evidence that will aid you in determining whether to move forward with you marriage. We gather this evidence through surveillance and technology such as GPS tracking.

In the event you believe your spouse is not being honest when it comes to their financial status, we can perform an asset search to learn what they are hiding from you. This information can be very valuable if you’ve considered filing for divorce.
If you suspect that your spouse is trying to hide financial assets, it is important to inspect business as well as personal finances prior to beginning divorce proceedings.

Lastly, in an age where everything revolves around computers and technology, we can search your personal computers to uncover any additional details that might fill in the puzzle.

Your Child Custody Investigator in Lake Charles, LA

It does not take a child psychologist to conclude that during a divorce or marital separation, children should remain in the custody of the more responsible parent. Top Echelon Investigation, LLC’s licensed private investigators in Lake Charles, LA will do everything they can to ensure that the children of the divorced couple are in the home where they will be most provided for. Through documenting, photographing and videotaping instances of abuse, neglect, etc., from the parent in question, our evidence will go a long way during child custody proceedings.

Your Process Server in Lake Charles, LA

While most companies hire inexperienced process servers, often paying them minimum wage, Top Echelon Investigation, LLC only employs professional process servers to serve legal documents in Lake Charles, LA. Serving papers can be a difficult process, so by using private databases to uncover details about the recipient, we can ensure your legal documents get served in a timely manner.

As we said earlier in this article, we also provide special investigative services to our customers to meet their needs and goals. For example, we can uncover lost data, perform computer forensics investigations and more. To learn what we can offer you, feel free to call us at (337) 290-1298 or fill out our form and we will get back to you shortly.

~Jonathan A. Stelly
President of Top Echelon Investigation, LLC

Top Echelon Investigation, LLC is an investigation firm located with Opelousas, LA, with private investigators serving:

Shreveport, LA
Lake Charles, LA
Crowley, LA
New Orleans, LA
Ruston, LA
Bunkie, LA
Eunice, LA
Baton Rouge, LA
Monroe, LA
Opelousas, LA
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West Monroe, LA
Marksville, LA
Lafayette, LA
Slidell, LA
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Morgan City, LA
Carencro, LA
Alexandria, LA
DeRidder, LA
Houma, LA
Ville Platte, LA



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