Why Choose Top Echelon Investigation, LLC As Your Private Investigator in Baton Rouge, LA?

It is crucial that you understand what to stay away from when hiring a private investigator in Baton Rouge, LA. Prior to any other points to consider, you really need to find out that all individuals in the organization have up-to-date professional licenses. Additionally, a variety of references from previous clients showing successfully concluded cases, as well as examples of completed work cases should not be a problem for an experienced, professional private investigator in Baton Rouge, LA to provide. Ask about who will be participating in your assignment. Many private investigators will sub-contract work to other private detectives. So be sure to definitely inquire about the backgrounds and expertise of other investigators involved in your case.

Locating the best private investigator in Baton Rouge, LA can certainly make all the difference in determining whether your expectations are successfully achieved or your outcome is a discouraging failure. With Top Echelon Investigation, LLC , a full-service private investigation agency, effective result(s) to your investigation goal(s) is our leading concern.

Private Investigator Baton Rouge LATop Echelon Investigation services business as well as private clients in Baton Rouge, LA, and we use the most recent technology and investigative methods. All of our highly qualified and experienced investigators provide you with a large range of skill sets. Our range of available services can include ordinary domestic investigations such as martial infidelity, as well as more complicated investigations including insurance fraud, criminal investigations and more. Here is a more detailed overview of some of the investigative services that we offer:

Insurance and Personal Injury Claims Investigations in Baton Rouge, LA

Because of today’s struggling economy, many people resort to fraudulent insurance claims to help them make ends meet. Top Echelon private investigators in Baton Rouge, LA track the subject’s activities utilizing cutting-edge surveillance technology and other effective techniques. Additionally, background checks are conducted to uncover a subject’s history and behavioral patterns. The following are several other insurance services that we provide:

  • Locate Witnesses, Claimants and Insured
  • Civil Investigations
  • Court File Retrievals and Workman’s Compensation Claim Files
  • Auto Accidents
  • Dog Bites
  • Asset Investigations
  • Witness Statements


Background Checks and Investigations in Baton Rouge, LA

Websites that offer background checks don’t have access to private information, they just scrape the web for background information which is already available to the public.

Top Echelon, a licensed private investigator in Baton Rouge, LA, can access numerous private databases. By researching databases not available to the general public, as well as manually accessing legal records and other official sources, we can assemble a profile of a subject which will direct us to locations where the subject was living or frequented. From there we’re able to perform criminal and civil record searches.

Cheating Spouses Investigations in Baton Rouge, LA

As your private investigator in Baton Rouge, LA, we will work with your attorney to reveal evidence and important information that will help you decide on the future of your relationship . Evidence of marital infidelity or child custody violations will be performed by surveillance operations and the use of the most recent technologies such a GPS tracking.

If you suspect that your spouse is trying to hide financial assets, it is important to inspect business as well as personal finances prior to beginning divorce proceedings. Top Echelon’s investigators can conduct a search of the personal computers in your residence to discover any suspicious activity of which you might not be aware.

Child Custody Investigations in Baton Rouge, LA

Following the breakup of a marriage, the children of the divorced couple should remain in the custody of the most qualified and responsible parent. When it comes to the issue of custody, we as licensed private investigators in Baton Rouge, LA will make certain that the child is safe and that the child will be provided for financially in the years ahead. Our very discreet surveillance techniques will include documentation, photographs and videotape of any situations that indicate that the child is being mistreated or is placed in positions in which the child is endangered.

Process Servers in Baton Rouge, LA

Top Echelon only employs knowledgeable, licensed process servers in Baton Rouge, LA. We excel in very difficult services. We use the newest technologies to find individuals at their current residences. We are experienced at utilizing private databases and uncovering family relations who are able to furnish valuable information as to the subject’s location.

Whatever private investigation services you need, Top Echelon Investigation has the knowledge and practical experience to get the job done right. As well as the services described, we also perform: GPS vehicle monitoring, computer forensics and data recovery as well as other special investigative services. To request a free consultation, call us at (337) 290-1298 or fill out form below.

~Jonathan A. Stelly
President of Top Echelon Investigation, LLC

Top Echelon Investigation, LLC is an investigation firm located with Opelousas, LA, with private investigators serving:

Ruston, LA
Bunkie, LA
Eunice, LA
Baton Rouge, LA
Monroe, LA
Opelousas, LA
New Iberia, LA
Hammond, LA
West Monroe, LA
Marksville, LA
Lafayette, LA
Slidell, LA
Winnfield, LA
Natchitoches, LA
Morgan City, LA
Carencro, LA
Alexandria, LA
DeRidder, LA
Houma, LA
Ville Platte, LA



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