Message from our President


Jonathan StellyDaily life in the 21st century is hectic. As our personal and business relationships become increasingly complex, it is necessary to obtain accurate information quickly and effortlessly.


At Top Echelon Investigation, we strive to get our clients the intelligence they need in a timely manner. To accomplish this goal, we use the latest technology in covert surveillance equipment, along with proven surveillance techniques. Our clients range from large insurance companies who need to investigate an insurance claim, to the concerned father who needs us to complete a simple background check on his daughter’s new boyfriend. Top Echelon Investigation also offers services such as GPS tracking rental, computer forensics, data recovery, service of process and many more….


As owner of Top Echelon Investigation, I would like to personally invite you to browse through our services and contact us for a FREE Confidential Consultation. If we cannot help you with your situation, we can refer you to someone who can.


~Jonathan A. Stelly, LPI

President of Top Echelon Investigation, LLC




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