Insurance Personal Injury Claims in Louisiana

Whether it is workers’ compensation or any other type of insurance personal injury claims in Louisiana, our investigators are experienced in getting information and evidence fast! We routinely offer this types of investigation to law firms and insurance providers. Top Echelon Investigation can provide you with the intelligence you need in order to approve or deny a claim; or possibly prosecute fraud.


The latest recession has been tough on all of us. As the economy continues in decline, job instability and the cost of housing, gasoline and basic goods are on the rise. Because of these factors, insurance fraud has been on an steady increase since 2005. According to the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud, it is estimated that $80BILLION DOLLARS in fraudulent insurance claims are filed each year in the United States. In the state of Louisiana, fraudulent insurance claims are also increasing as more people struggle to find a way to supplement their income. In the case if workers’ compensation fraud, some individuals attempt to cash in on accidents that resulted from carelessness or neglect of the rules put in-placed by their employer. Others attempt to play the system by getting hurt on the job and exaggerating their injuries. 

Top Echelon investigates these types of insurance personal injury claims thoroughly, and obtains video documentation of all observed activity. In order to get our clients exceptional results, we utilize only the latest surveillance technology. In addition to our unique surveillance tools, we also utilize a secure system to send clients real-time information on the status of their investigation.

All of our surveillance investigators are licensed through the Louisiana State Board of PI Examiners and are trained to handle any type of situation that my arise while conducting an investigation. Our client’s confidentiality is kept at all times.

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